After graduating in Computer Science in 2015, I chose to participate in the Civil Service abroad in Brazil. For a year I lived in Foz do Iguaçu, a small town famous for the Cataratas and for being part of the triple border with Puerto Iguazù (Argentina) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay).

I spent days explaining to children how to use a computer, a camera or playing futsal until sunset. Every now and then I also wondered what I should have done once I came back to Italy, whether to continue my career as a software developer or whether to cultivate my dream: to work in Cinema.

In October 2016, a month after coming back from Brazil, I enrolled in the Holden School of Turin.

In 2017 my photographic project Crianças Brilhantes was screened during the Biennale Democrazia.

In 2018 with Luca Buzzi Reschini, Lorenzo Ferrò e Simone Sortino we wrote Democracia (teaser), a story about Socrates and the Democracia CorinthianaDemocracia won the Phoebe Award for the best audiovisual project at the Opening Doors.

Since 2018, after graduating from the Holden School, I deal with Filmmaking and Cinematography, collaborating with individuals and companies for the creation of teasers, promo videos, and short movies.