After graduating in Computer Science, I chose to participate in the Civil Service abroad in Brazil. For a year I lived in Foz do Iguaçu, a small town famous for the Cataratas and for being part of the triple border with Puerto Iguazù (Argentina) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay).

I spent days explaining to children how to use a computer, a camera or playing futsal until sunset. Every now and then I also wondered what I should have done once I came back to Italy, whether to continue my career as a software developer or whether to cultivate my dream: to work in Cinema.

A month after coming back from Brazil, I enrolled in the Holden School of Turin and my photographic project Crianças Brilhantes was screened during the Biennale Democrazia.

With Luca Buzzi Reschini, Lorenzo Ferrò and Simone Sortino we wrote Democracia (teaser) as a graduation project, a story about Socrates and the Democracia CorinthianaDemocracia won the Phoebe Award for the best audiovisual project at the Opening Doors.

After graduating from the Holden School, I deal with Filmmaking and Cinematography, collaborating with individuals and companies for the creation of teasers, promo videos, and short movies.

I’m now enrolled at the Stochastic and Data Science M.Sc. at the University of Turin.